Anson Seabra and Em Beihold

The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles CA

The El Rey Theatre in LA was the last stop in Anson Seabra’s The Wonderland Tour. The theatre set the tone before the performances even began. It has a very old Hollywood feel with red velvet everywhere and massive chandeliers. Em Beihold opened for Anson. She played her hit “Numb Little Bug” which just went gold. With over 100 million streams on Spotify, it is no surprise that the whole crowd was singing along. The up-and-coming pop star handled the stage like a pro.

Next singer-songwriter Anson Seabra took the stage. His songs are very personal and relatable. Every one of his songs is a story and an experience that he takes the crowd on. With his creative childhood themes and incredible voice, the crowd was hooked. Anson also wowed the audience with his keyboard playing. The theatre was completely packed out and Anson certainly did not disappoint.

Flower Moon Festival

Garden Amphitheatre, Garden Grove CA.

Flower Moon Festival Flower Moon Festival is a student-led festival at Chapman University. Put on by The Collective, the festival showcased a plethora of artists. Jackson Gefen, one of the students running the festival, DJ’d an epic set that got the crowd hyped up to finish off the night.

Arden Jones was one of the main performers of the night. He found success with his age tapes featuring songs like “la di da” and “horror story”. His alternative sound and clever lyrics were a hit with the crowd. It was a fun night for all watching the former Chapman student perform at the Garden Amphitheatre. 

Kate Stephenson was another former Chapman student that took the stage. She immediately got the crowd’s attention as she walked out in a graduation cap and gown. Her singer-songwriter sound mixed with her unique style captured the audience. With over 10 other performers as well, the festival was a huge success. Not only did it provide a fun experience for the students of Chapman, but it showcased the incredible talent of many up-and-coming stars including Will Tulip, Rudy Touzet, Tommy Guala, and others.

Landon and Travis Barker with Jaden Hossler

Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood CA. 

Before Chri$tian Gate$ performed at Roxy Theatre, another young, rising star took the stage. 18-year-old Landon Barker, also known as OTG Landon, performed his first public concert that night as well. Landon just naturally has the vibe of a classic rockstar. From his bling to his stage presence, he commanded the stage like an experienced performer.

After Landon’s second song, he brought out his dad, Travis Barker. The Blink-182 drummer was followed on stage by Jaden Hossler (jxdn). Landon’s already incredible performance was elevated even more with the addition of Travis on drums and vocals from Jaden. There was not one person in the audience that wasn’t captivated by the trio. Everyone in the theatre was locked in on the stage. With each artist that took the stage that night giving such an incredible performance, the group gave the crowd a night that they will never forget.   

Chri$tian Gate$ and Friends

Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood CA. 

The amount of star power present at Roxy Theatre on February 26th was truly insane. Chri$tian Gate$ first concert is something his fans have been anticipating since he began releasing music on TikTok in 2020. He quickly gained a large following and went from 4.9 million to over 79 million streams on Spotify just in the last year. 

The show started with unique and exciting performances from RILEY, Slush Puppy, Mija, and Phem. With the variety of artists that came out, everyone was pumped up and eager to see who would appear next. 

When Chri$tian Gate$ got on stage the crowd went wild. His growing following was evident in the screams of the crowd. Everyone sang along with Chri$tian as he played his hit song “Numb” and his remix of “Overwhelmed”. It was clear Chri$tian was having a great time too. He was very interactive with the crowd and took pictures and videos from many lucky fans’ phones. 

Overall, the show was a huge success. The blend of alternative, pop, and rock sounds from the different artists left the crowd feeling like they just witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Chri$tian Gate$ has certainly proven that he is not only a viral sensation on TikTok but a captivating performer and talented artist.

Live2 Showcase

LA Skate Club, Los Angeles CA. 

The Live2 Showcase at LA Skate Club was the 4th in a successful series put on by McClain Portis and 29th Street Productions. The Live2 showcases have had an underground presence since they began. However, the LA Skate Club was still packed out with an energized crowd as seen in the pictures.
Up-and-coming punk rock singer Nemo Lakes started the night off with a bang. His funky style and guitar playing got the crowd excited for the night. Nemo performed some covers as well as his first hit “Piggy Bank” that just came out last month. 

Allen Haley was next to take the stage. His single “Taken Back” justifiably became a viral sensation. Just to top off an already memorable performance, Allen Haley and Arden Jones played an unreleased song called “Serotonin Highs” that was a clear crowd favorite. Be on the lookout for more alternative hits coming from Allen Haley in the future.
Rapper Chase Paves continued the show with his wide repertoire of styles. He commanded the stage while rapping and was able to slow things down as well and connect deeper with the audience. No matter what the vibe of the music, it was clear Chase Paves was giving 110% to every song he performed.
The 4th Live2 Showcase was a clear success. From the location to the free nature of the event, McClain Portis and all involved in putting on the show truly accomplished something special. The positive and friendly atmosphere of the show was like no other. 

Quinn XCII Concert

Toyota Music Factory, Irving TX. 

From the moment Quinn XCII walked on stage, the energy at Toyota Music Factory was electric. With
over 2.5 billion global streams, it is no doubt his music is incredibly unique. It is somehow deep and easy
to listen to at the same time. It gives the listener the same rush and feeling as driving down the coast at
sunset. At this stop on Quinn XCII’s Stay Next to Me Tour with Chelsea Cutler and Tai Verdes, the crowd
certainly felt the electricity in the room. The pictures to follow perfectly capture the vibes of the night.
Quinn XCII delivered a passion-filled performance all while showcasing his style in his white crocs.

K.Flay Concert

South Side Ballroom, Dallas TX. 

The energy and excitement that K.Flay brings to her performances shines through in the pictures below.
Between her stage presence and her upbeat electronic music, K.Flay was the definition of a rockstar.
With her hits like “It’s Strange”, she got the crowd jumping around and dancing along with her. K.Flay
was all over the stage. One minute on the sound pad, the next rocking out with the drummer. It was
hard to tell who was having the greatest experience as K.Flay, the crowd, and the band all looked like
they were having the time of their lives.

Louis The Child Concert

South Side Ballroom, Dallas TX. 

Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett of Louis the Child are arguably the greatest DJ duo of our time.
They are the perfect pair as Robby held it down behind the table while Freddy was jumping around and
getting the crows involved. One of the most unique things about shooting Louis the Child was seeing the
crowd’s excitement as they played modified versions of all of their popular songs. The whole show tied
in the vibes of Euphoria, the duo’s new EP. So much went into their setup between the house party
pacing of the music and the incredible light show that was synced perfectly with each song. Louis the
Child goes past delivering just another rave. Seeing Louis the Child in concert is a full experience.

Tai Verdes Concert

Toyota Music Factory, Irving TX. 

For an up-and-coming performer, Tai Verdes commanded the stage like a pro. He is unapologetically
himself in a way that draws people in. The joy he has while performing is contagious. It’s impossible not
to have a smile on your face while watching Tai perform. He played many of his catchy songs like “A-OK
and “Stuck in the Middle” that got the crowd waving their hands and singing along. As seen in the
pictures, his showmanship was top notch which made him a blast to shoot.

Fitz and The Tantrums Concert

House of Blues, Houston & Dallas TX.

With the excitement coming from all members of Fitz and the Tantrums, you couldn’t help but dance
and clap along. The variety of people in the crowd showed how Fitz and the Tantrums indie-pop sound
resonates with all. Every member of the large band played a role in energizing the crowd. Vocalists
Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs had an irresistible back and forth in their banter and their singing.
One of the most captivating moments of the show was James King’s beautiful saxophone solo. Fitz and
the Tantrums left the crowd wowed by the variety of talent on stage but also feeling like part of the

Livingston Tour Run

Tour Run, US. 

Livingston just completed his first tour run and it was a huge success. The 19-year-old showcased his
deep music, powerful voice, and incredible stage presence throughout the tour. Livingston has a unique
style that could be described as a mix of Jon Bellion and Louis Capaldi. He performed a variety of songs
on tour including his hit song “Fairytale” which has reached over 15 million listens on Spotify. It was
clear at his shows that Livingston’s music connects with everyone in a way that is deep and relatable.
Livingston is by far one of the brightest rising artists of our time.

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